Here’s how Kapil can MOVE ON without Sunil Grover helming ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’!

The month long Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover saga seems to be finally coming to an end as the news about Sunil coming up with a new show has radically been confirmed. As disheartening as it may be, the fans are literally left with no option but to accept the truth and MOVE ON.

While, the viewers wait for Sunil to come with a show, Kapil will have to pull all the tricks out his hat to sustain viewership and fight competition. Today, marks the completion of 100 episodes for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show‘ and coincidentally completes a year too, where the journey has been smooth till the past few weeks.

To get the viewers to continue being glued to the show and aim to soar even more, Kapil needs to buck up and here are some ways, he can do so-

Exploit what has been loved already

Of course, we are not talking about having someone else to perform the characters of Dr. Mashoor Gulati or a Nani, but we are talking about exploiting other characters which have been loved but not monopolized. A character like ‘Rinku Devi’ or ‘Suryaprakash’ can be refurbished for a talented artist and to make him perform the same can prove to be a good move. There can be inhibitions and oppositions initially, but fortunately, those characters have been sub-consciously played by other artists. Hence, bringing them to fore for another talented comedians can get those laughs back.

Limit and smartly use ‘Rajesh Arora’ in the sketches

It was seen that the departure of Sunil, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar meant that Kapil had to resort to the popular characters immediately and more oftenly. However, that shouldn’t be the case as any popular character, if dominated too much turns out to be monotonous. Apart from ‘Rinku Devi’ and ‘Suryaprakash’, the character of ‘Rajesh Arora’ should now be used smartly and strategically. Kapil aces the roleplay and has to be clever with the execution of the same in future sketches. People love pleasant surprises, so lets keep it a surprise and not a repeating character every week.

Use your star prowess and get ‘bigger’ celebrities

Of course, people will continue to miss Sunil and co. in the upcoming episodes and it will take time for the people to adapt to the change, but there is a way that can be cladded otherwise. Kapil, without a doubt is one of the most popular and influential men in our country and probably every high profile celebrity has appeared on Kapil’s show. It will be a good idea to resort to them once again. Getting a star like Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan to come on the show amidst all this will get the star loyalists to see the show again. It wouldn’t guarantee that the viewers will be glued, but it would atleast lead them to watch it.

Start being innovative

While it is always good to see some loved characters being presented in different shades, a character becomes iconic only after it was first ‘experimented.’ Considering this, Kapil and his team should head to the drawing board once again and get their brains to rack. Getting a Raju Srivastava and Sunil Pal and making them do stand-up comedy is certainly NOT going to help. Innovate and showcase different characters and experiment them with your artists.

Start being humble, calm and appreciable

Well, this is something Kapil should have done in the first place itself to avoid all this ruckus. However, after all this damage being done, it’s time to do some damage control and as we say ‘better late than never.’ Instead of continuing to be that person, its time Kapil should start being more humble towards his new lot of artists. The show is still the same and the concept is still the same so Mr. Sharma, the least you can do is be more respectful this time around.

Don’t take DIGS at Sunil or anything else

If there is one thing that Kapil managed to win several hearts by, was how he did not take digs during the Krushna-Kapil fiasco, when they came up with ‘Comedy Nights Live’. While, Krushna continued to slam Kapil indirectly in his show, the latter did not do so and that’s why he was loved even more.

Tables have turned now and Kapil shouldn’t be going the ‘taking-a-dig’ way. In one of the episodes recently, when Parineeti Chopra had come as a guest, there were some evident references and some obvious digs being made. While, Sunil comes up with his own show, its time for Kapil to not adopt those dirty tactics and stay true to trying to make people laugh.

The above measures may not confirm the show’s sustenance at all, but adopting measures is the least Kapil can do right now.

Mazel Tov Kapil on completing 100 episodes! However, the real test begins now…

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