Aamir Dalvi to stage his comeback in Colors’ Devanshi

Time for some thunder and lightning!

The evil Mohan (Aamir Dalvi) will soon make his grand entry in Colors’ popular daily Devanshi (Full House Media).

Aamir aka Mohan, has been missing from the daily, after being thrown out of the house. Now he will stage his comeback much to the shock of Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey).

Mohan, filled with vengeance, will come back stronger and with a motive that will add more drama and spice in the show.

Shared a source, “Mohan will get into Kusum Sundari’s darbar and shock her completely. His entry has been planned in very exquisite way wherein he will lie in a bath tub and speak of all the wrong doings being imposed on him and how he plans to avenge it.”


Kusum Sundari, taken aback with his arrival will try to hide him from the crowd present and tell them to mediate. She will tackle the issue in her room while the villagers would sit outside following her commands.

Will the people manage to see Mohan? Or will Kusum Sundari’s trick save her once again?

It is going to be some really exciting times ahead in Devanshi.

We called Aamir who shared, “This time Mohan is stronger and more evil. He will not show any mercy and will fulfil his motives by all means.”

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