Monali and I will be having fun in Rising Star: Meiyang Chang

Meiyang Chang may have started off his career as a contestant of a singing reality show, but has now made it big in the entertainment field as an actor as well as a host.

Chang is hosting Colors’ singing reality show, Rising Star, along with Raghav Juyal.

In a conversation with us, Chang shared more about the show. Read on:

“It’s been super-duper fun and exciting so far. It’s a risky move for everyone…for the channel and for the production as the show is shot in real time. I feel that as anchors, we take the biggest risk but I think that it would pay off.”

We also asked him how prepared he was for a show like this. He said, “I don’t think if you can ever be prepared for something like this. Whenever I have performed live, I have talked a lot. Here, we will be script-bound but at the same time, everything that we will be doing with the judges and the singers will be fresh.”

Monali Thakur, who is one of the experts on the show, was in a relationship with Chang. But the two parted ways. When we asked Chang about the bonding he would be sharing with her on the show, he commented, “I will be pulling her leg on the show and I know that she will be doing the same thing to me. When I came to know that Monali was the third expert on the show, I thought that it would be fun. We became good friends even after whatever happened and we always pull each other’s leg whenever we meet each other.”

Chang is also having a gala time with co-host Raghav. He said, “He is quite a wild card. The best part about Raghav is that he is spontaneous and has an amazing sense of humour. The balance of his humour and unpredictability vs what I am supposed to be doing on the show is going to be a great combination. There will be responsibility and we will be having fun too. So it’s going to be an interesting mix of a good pairing.”

Singing reality show contestant Chang also shared some useful tips for the contestants of this show. “It’s okay to be nervous and that fear should be there. Prepare to your best capability. It doesn’t matter if you have a teacher or not or you learn it on your own but the most important thing is that you learn and practice. This is going to be a big opportunity so you can’t compromise on that. Do your best and enjoy.”

Good luck, Chang.

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