Ghotak to turn Railway Baba in SABTV’s Chidiya Ghar

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) will have interesting track coming up to tickle the funny bones.

The very interesting character of the show Ghotak, played by talented actor Paresh Ganatra, will turn a baba (Holy Man) in the above comedy drama.

As per the plot, Narayan family will visit Lapad baba (who would have a habit to slap everyone). In the meeting, Ghotak will get quite curious to know why humans turn baba. Hence, he will go up to Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) to know the actual reason behind it.

Later, Ghotak will think that even he can solve everyone’s problem as he is good in finding solutions. Hence, we will also turn into a baba and he will be called the Railway baba.

Gradually, even he will have his followers and by luck, he will be able to solve few people’s problem. His wife Koyal (Aditi Sajwan) will join him and she would turn into a guru maa.

People would start worshipping him and he will start getting endorsement offers.

Later, their family friend would fall sick and will seek help of baba. But this time he will not be able to cure his ailment.

This moment will create angst against Ghotak and people would come to beat him up.

How will Ghotak manage to come out of this situation?

Aditi Sajwan confirmed the above development with us!

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