Woah! When Jennifer Winget asked Kushal Tandon to ‘rehearse’ their KISS first in ‘Beyhadh’!

An upcoming kissing scene in ‘Beyhadh‘ was not accepted by Jennifer right away and Kushal had to rehearse it first.

The upcoming track of ‘Beyhadh’ promises several twists and turns, where the marriage of Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) has certainly spiced up a lot of drama and now has a lot of surprises in store for all of them.

However, to get the viewers’ eyeballs protruded and glued to the screen, Arjun and Maya will be kissing each other in an upcoming scene. The romance between the due has been infectious and endearing, but the mystery element that Maya practices is just too thrilling to miss out on.

However, the ‘kissing’ scene was not readily accepted and enacted by Jennifer and Kushal. Jennifer would have her demands and conditions for enact the kissing scene.

She asked Kushal to first enact the ‘kissing scene’ with one of the crew members on the show.

Confused? Well, you are witnessing the playful side of Jennifer Winget, where before enacting a romantic kissing scene with Kushal, she playfully asked Kushal to enact the same on the crew member first, who was supposedly the director of the show.

And Jennifer had a hearty laugh along with Kushal when the latter kissed the man on his eyes twice.

Well, Maya may be scary but Jennifer is an absolutely lovable person! Isn’t she?

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