Swetlana levels ‘Rape’ charges on Omkara after he rejects her marriage proposal in Ishqbaaaz!

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz is full of drama these days. The Kapoor sisters Tia, Swetlana and Romi are hell bent on ruining the Oberoi brothers Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra’s lives. The sisters harbour some kind of revenge fantasy for the brothers.

Currently Tia, who is pregnant with her late husband Robin’s child, traps Shivaay in the pregnancy trap. And Swetlana and Romi, will soon target Omkara.

Swetlana lures Omkara to a secluded place in the jungle and proposes him for marriage. She threatens Omkara that if he refuses, she will leak Priyanka’s MMS and Tej and her intimate photographs in the media.

This shocks Omkara and he refuses Swetlana’s offer. This is when Swetlana plays her cards. She gets Omkara unconscious. Soon after, Shivaay and Anika, who are following Omkara, get him home safe.

And that is when all hell breaks loose. Swetlana returns home in an injured condition and claims that Omkara has raped her in the jungle. Shockingly, Omkara’s father Tej, sides with Swetlana. Swetlana also produces a video that verifies her claims and Tej turns against his son.

How will Shivaay and Anika get Omkara out of this mess?

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