Manveer and Manu to win ‘solar system task’ in Bigg Boss 10

The ticket to finale task in Bigg Boss has been giving housemates a tough time.

After getting into arguments over the ‘rank’ challenge last night, tonight, housemates will participate in a very gritty challenge.

The entire garden area will be dimmed to lend a feel of a starry night, with four orbits perched. The ‘ticket to finale’ will be placed in the centre marked as sun while housemates will rotate around it like planets.

The ‘solar system task’ will have the contestants holding a bowl with purple liquid in their hand and will have to rotate around the ticket (sun) starting with the first orbit.

Every time a person’s water would spill and go down beyond the last mark, or if the contestants trip and fall due to some reason, that person will be disqualified from the game.

The remaining contestants will then rotate in the next orbit. The challenge would be to continue moving around without dropping the bowl or keeping it unattended.

Lopa having been placed in the top rank will get an extra edge over others and will join the contestants when they reach the second orbit.

So who are the two who would eventually end up winning the contest? They are Manveer and Manu.

Yes, Manveer and Manu will be the last two contestants to survive in the task. They will become the contenders for ticket to finale week task and will have a final face off at a mall in Mumbai.

It would be interesting to see the housemates dressed up as astronauts while performing the task. Rohan Mehra, who has been nominated for the entire season, will be the sanchalak (controller).

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