Read to know the upcoming BOMB of a twist in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja

Zee TV’s Jamai Raja (Grazing Goat and Sagar Pictures) took a shocking twist with the new entry of talented actor Varsha Usgaonkar.

Varsha is seen playing the character of Kritika (Siddharth Khurana’s sister and Satya’s aunt).

And the upcoming twist will shock its viewers.

As per the plot, Payal (Mouli Ganguly) will kidnap Mahi (Shiny Doshi) and will tie her up with a bomb. She will blackmail Satya to put a garland on Kritika’s neck which would have another bomb in it (what drama). She will threaten to trigger the bomb if Satya refuses to put the garland.

Satya will race against time to save both Mahi and Kritika.

Will he be able to save both or destiny has planned something else for Satya?

We buzzed Mouli and Shiny but they both remained busy shooting for this particular sequence.

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