BB10: This is what Bigg Boss had to say to Bani and Rohan for kicking Om Swami!

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss Season 10, will surely be one of the most disgusting episodes that will be seen in the history of Bigg Boss so far. Under the pretext of doing the task, Om Swami will cross all the limits of decency.

Wonder what that’ll be?

He will urinate in a cup and throw the same on Bani and Rohan. (Like seriously?)

A super pissed Rohan and Bani will slap and kick him, and with the support of the other housemates, they will lock the god man in the jail and demand that Bigg Boss take strict action against him.

Bigg Boss throws Om Swami out of the house as his act is completely unpardonable.

But what about contestants Bani and Rohan, who react strongly to Om Swami’s behavior? After all, violence is strictly prohibited in the house, under any circumstances.
Well, Bigg Boss has made an exception to his own rule this time around. He has not taken any action against Rohan and Bani for roughing up Om Swami. The only action that Bigg Boss took over the whole incident was to throw Om Swami out.
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