Ravi comes in as Ambika’s saviour in Life OK’s Kalash

Life OK’s Kalash (Balaji Telefilms) has seen a big high point wherein Ambika (Aparna Dixit) has been arrested on charge of attempt to kill her own husband Ravi (Krrip Suri).

Yes, yesterday’s episode brought about this new development wherein Nivedita (Seema Mishra) and Monty would lodge a complaint against Ambika for attempt to kill Ravi.

The upcoming episodes will see Ravi’s struggle to get Ambika back from jail. He will be upset at his family for letting Ambika get arrested for a baseless charge.

Soon, Ravi will find out that the police have no solid proof against Ambika. Also, Janki (Dolly Sohi) will be livid at the police for arresting her daughter with no proper evidence.

As per sources, “Ravi will seek the help of Mahila Mandal to voice against the action taken by the police. The ladies would rebel against the police for arresting Ambika without proper proof.”

Soon, Ambika will be released from jail and Ravi will breathe a sigh of relief.

When contacted, Krrip and Aparna remained unavailable for comment.

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