Manoj Chandila to enter Colors’ Devanshi

Actor Manoj Chandila will soon be seen entering Colors’ Devanshi (Full House Media).

He will play a negative politician who would cast his vicious (read:magical) on Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey). Seeing his political power, Kusum Sundari will shower all attention on him and will also contemplate getting Rajjo (Priyanka Khera) married to the politician.

And this development will bring in a love triangle, with Ashu, Rajjo’s lover also being around in the house as Kusum Sundari’s driver.

As per sources, “Chandila’s character will have all the power. His character will be named Shamsher Malik.”

When contacted, Chandila did not respond to our calls.

We buzzed the channel spokesperson, but did not get revert.

Chandila’s entry will air this week.

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